As you'd expect, the US Midterm Elections was pretty much all the late-night hosts could talk about across the board.

From Jimmy Fallon to Jimmy Kimmel, late-night comedy was basically like a political newscast with comedy sprinkled across the top. Far and away, Jimmy Kimmel had the best segment as he brought in Fred Willard to play George Washington and his 'Wall of Wolf Blitzers', which features his Dad who looks like Wolf Blitzer.

Here's that piece.

Stephen Colbert, meanwhile, went for a musical number to start off the show before launching into his live monologue. Colbert also drafted in Scott Bakula from 'Quantum Leap', who's now starring in 'NCIS: New Orleans' for a bit that fell flat.

Take a look.

Still, it couldn't have been worse than Jimmy Fallon's segment, which saw him bringing him whiteboards and trying to spin comedy out of the news anchors covering the whole thing. It really does go to show that Fallon can't cover the political stuff, which is 90% of what late-night comedy's about now.

Sit through it and see.

The only one out of the late-nights hosts that seems to have handle on this kind of stuff is, of course, Seth Meyers. Having hosted 'SNL' and the Weekend Update segment, Meyers knows how to balance the informative and the comedic in a way that only John Oliver is able to top. His 'Closer Look' segments, which are the cornerstone of his show, are as incisive and funny as anything on US late-night TV.

Here's what Meyers had to say.

So, there you have it. For now, let's wait and see if these elections actually have any impact on the absolute shit-storm that is the US political landscape or it's going to be another two years of decent political comedy and horrifying political ramifications.