If you found yourself watching 'X-Factor' last night and wondering where you've seen Irish act Brendan Murray before, wonder no longer.

Murray was previously Ireland's entry in the Eurovision last year and was also a member of pop act Hometown - which, it turns out, just so happened to be managed by former 'X-Factor' judge Louis Walsh. So it goes that Murray finds himself on 'X-Factor' and learning on stage how to sing Kate Bush's 1989 hit, 'This Woman's Work'.

While 'X-Factor' has never shied away from producing some of its segments, this particular audition felt particularly so as Cowell paused proceedings to give Murray some encouragement and a glass of water before he cracked on with the song. By all accounts, he won over the judges who put him through to the next round of the competition and Twitter's reaction seemed to be largely positive, though a lot of people were wont to point out that he previously had a record contract and was on a first-name basis with Louis Walsh.

Murray made it through to the next round with a 4-0 vote, and given his credentials, he'll likely play a major role in this season. Here's the audition itself.