After what was dubbed as Black Friday in the entertainment industry, a whopping 29 shows were cancelled by television studios in a single day, with further cancellations coming in the days, weeks and months afterwards.

When we originally wrote this article back in May, only Brooklyn Nine-Nine was the one lucky enough to be saved from the axe - but two months on, the outlook for other shows still hasn't been firmed up. 'Designated Survivor', for example, is still on the bubble as to whether or not Netflix will pick it up for another season.

As you'll recall, 'Roseanne' was quickly axed by ABC in the wake of Roseanne Barr's racist outbursts on Twitter  - only for a completely new show, 'The Conners', to emerge in its place.

As of writing on July 10th, here's the current state of play.


- Designated Survivor (may possibly be saved by Netflix, but still no word as of July 10th)

- Marvel's Inhumans

- Quantico

- Alex Inc.

- The Last Man On Earth

- The Crossing

- Deception

- 10 Days In The Valley

- Rise

- Kevin (Probably) Saves The World

- Great News

- Once Upon A Time

- The Middle

- Scandal

- The Exorcist

- The Brave

- Taken

- Everything Sucks!

- Jean-Claude Van Johnson

- The Mick

- Valor

- Life Sentence

- Mozart In The Jungle

- Here And Now

- The Path

(Updated: May 13th)

- Kevin Can Wait

- Scorpion

(Updated: July 10th)

- Roseanne (For... reasons...)

- Champions

- Code Black

- Wisdom Of The Crowd

- 9KJL

- LA To Vegas

- Me, Myself & I

- Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

- Ash Vs. Evil Dead

- The Night Shift

- Shades Of Blue

- Ten Days In The Valley

- The Mayor

- Timeless

- The X-Files (There's currently no plans for another season, according to FOX)


So, you're probably asking why did television studios cancel so many of them? Well, there's a few reasons - the biggest one being Netflix. The streaming service has swallowed up much of the viewership in the US and across Europe, so overseas sales aren't the money-spinner they once were. Also, if you're looking at some of the entries on these and wondering why you've never even heard of them, that's pretty much the reason why - US television studios aren't bothering to licence them to channels outside the US because either Netflix has taken them or it's not worth it.

Not only that, shows are expensive and given how Fox is now being sold to Disney, they're looking to trim the fat wherever possible. Shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine - which was a critical darling and was saved from the axe by NBC - were likely in that position initially because at five seasons in, the paycheques for each of the stars was likely getting bigger with each season. Don't forget that Friends - which went 10 seasons - was one of the most expensive shows ever made and that was purely because of the pay each of the cast was receiving.

While there's little chance Brooklyn Nine-Nine were anywhere close to the money Friends were on, it's obviously at a point where Fox simply decided to cut the show.

While you're here, here's a list of shows that have been renewed.