We can't vote for who we want to win Celebrity Big Brother on these shores but you can pick your favourite in entertainment.ie's poll which we have been running the last couple weeks.

The final is only hours away, and here's how our poll is looking:

Courteney Act/Shane J is your winner by 436 votes, he is followed by Dublin man Shane Lynch with 380 votes, with Ann Widdecombe in at number three with 261 votes.

Given that there may be just a little bias from us all towards Shane Lynch, we'd imagine it's Widdecombe or Courteney for the win - a fairly accurate reflection of our times really - conservative v liberal.

This is how the poll looked ahead of the semi-final on Tuesday night, not too different although a number of you picked the now evicted Amanda Barrie for the win, with her holding fourth place with 173 votes.

The Celebrity Big Brother live final kicks off tonight on 3e at 9pm.