Can you guess what's number one?

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed over 2,800 people involved in the entertainment industry, from actors and directors to producers and behind-the-scenes honchos, to discover what their favourite show is. In all they amassed a list of 100 shows, with plenty of new and old shows making the list which begins with Desperate Housewives at no. 100 and goes down to The West Wing at no. 11 before hitting the top ten.

And that top ten is a doozy. Besides glaring absences like The Wire, the battle to the top spot is one that if the characters came to life and had to fight over it would turn out very different. The Hollywood Reporter stresses that the list is "strictly about favorite shows, the programs people in Hollywood hold nearest to their hearts", so if you're wondering why your favourite isn't there, you know where to take your argument.

Here's the top ten:

10. The Simpsons

9. Mad Men

8. I Love Lucy

7. Saturday Night Live

6. The Sopranos

5. Seinfeld

4. Game of Thrones

3. The X-Files

2. Breaking Bad

1. Friends