'Claire Byrne Live' pitted the presidential candidates against each-other for the first time on live TV last night, with only four out of the six candidates turning up to have their say. The show also featured a heckler from the audience, questionable comments from Peter Casey, and of course Claire Byrne's luscious hair. It was gold. 

Voting for the upcoming presidential election is fast approaching, with the Irish public due to take to the poles on Friday 26th of October. Last night on 'Claire Byrne Live' four out of the six candidates (Peter Casey, Liadh Ni Riada, Joan Freeman, and Gavin Duffy) took to the stage, with Sean Gallagher and Michael D. Higgins both not wishing to take part. 

In case you didn't catch the show, allow us to sift through the best tweets we've seen to try to sum up the feelings of the Irish nation as we watched the dabate. 

The first topic on the agenda was the notable absence of Gallagher and Higgins:





And then Peter Casey came out with quite an outlandish statement, which Claire was quick to come back at:




Then we moved onto the question of what was the candidates favourite part of the constitution:




Gavin Duffy kept calling Claire Byrne "Lorraine":



Unfortunately the most memorable part of the show was a heckler turning up to shout at the candidates (mostly Peter Casey), and Claire swiftly cut to an ad-break:



The public started sharing how they thought the debate had gone afterwards:





However, it was pretty clear who viewers thought was the winner of the debate - presenter Claire Byrne: