Shut the front door.

The nation’s fascination with Room to Improve continued last night and this time it was Rory and Lorna from Stillorgan who invited Dermot in to transform their 4-bedroom home.

As is often the way with everyone’s favourite architect, their initial budget of €180,000 was soon increased to €290,000 after he sold them on an open plan design (of course) with a bit of ‘Malibu magic’ that included a large extension and what he described as a floating, alien-style en suite.

While last night’s episode, which was the last in the series, didn’t have the drama of previous episodes (how could we forget Katie and Padraig?) there were problems. Builder Dennis had to raise a steel beam by six inches for instance. But it was Lorna’s insistence on moving the front door that really got to Dermot.

A battle of wills ensued with Dermot eventually winning out. Although he did compromise on the door containing some glass which Lorna requested.

Despite the arguments, as is always the case, the clients got an amazing home out of it and we aren’t jealous at all. Not one bit. Here are some of the best tweets from the show:

This is a problem we hadn't even considered but is very, very real.


The ensuite's glass roof worried some people...

While partner's making notes watching the show worried others.


Dermot's love of open plan was noticed.

And someone even came up with a Room to Improve drinking game which will have to wait until the next series.

'Til next time, Dermot.