Helen 'I go up a cup size when I eat!' Flanagan has been sent packing by ITV viewers. Producers clearly knew in advance, why else did they turn yesterday's episode into the 'Helen Flanagan Has Breasts, In Case You Didn't Know' show - what with the emergence of the Bet Lynch bra. Although, have to say, the sight of her perched on top of a toadstool with her beard skimming her bikini, saying "Right babes" was quite 'Hilar'. You had to be there.

As for Nadine, it would appear the make shift office she set up in her luxury hotel room didn't quite suffice, so she's finally managed to fly herself home.

Sky News reports: "Ms Dorries was suspended from the Conservative Party after it emerged she was joining the ITV reality show set in the Australian jungle. But at the airport, she denied she was due to attend a summit with Sir George, and said: 'The press are giving the impression the whip has been withdrawn. It hasn't.' She has already sparked a row by insisting that former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell had given her permission to have a month away from Parliament. Mr Mitchell told Sky's Chief Political Correspondent Jon Craig that she had never asked him and the first he knew of it was when the publicity about the show began. Ms Dorries claimed the storm was unjustified after stepping off the plane, declaring: 'I've had three sitting days away from Parliament. The rest has been over half-term. There are still MPs who have been away for two weeks and still haven't returned. I've had three sitting days away. I think that is an important thing to remember'."

Really, the important thing to remember is that your ultimate "goal" was to bring politics to the people, and the people responded by ensuring you were the first person to be voted off the show.