For some actors, taking on the role of a dead person means they seek out the permission, or even the blessing of the dead person's family.

After all, you're portraying someone very close to that family, someone whom they've known throughout their lives, and it can help quell any hang-ups the actor might have about suitability.

But what do you when you're playing Princess Margaret and the family is the royal family of Great Britain? Well, in Helena Bonham Carter's case, you get a psychic medium to contact Princess Margaret's ghost before you sign on for the third season of 'The Crown'.

To be fair to Bonham Carter, she does freely admit that she did a lot more work to get into character, to do the research and so forth, something her co-star Olivia Colman doesn't necessarily do quite so much - all by her own admission.

In fact, one thing you can really tell from this interview with Bonham Carter and Colman is that they basically act like sisters off-screen as well acting like sisters on-screen. And bless Olivia Colman for being so honest about thinking mediumship is bullsh*t.

Take a look.