Probably one of the only British actors to NOT appear in the 'Harry Potter' franchise will be hosting a quiz show all about Hogwarts and its happenings; it's left us feeling utterly bewildered to say the least.

Ahead of the 20th anniversary of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' hitting cinemas, HBO Max is running around like headless chickens trying to create something coherent for the special occasion. Their answer? Helen Mirren hosting a 'Harry Potter' quiz show.

'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses' was announced earlier this year for the streaming service, putting our Potterheads at ease, knowing something was in the pipeline for the anniversary. But why, oh why, is Helen Mirren hosting it?

A fine actor in her own right, an Academy Award-winning actor in fact, it still doesn't make any sense as to why she is left taking over hosting duties on this quiz show. The only connection between Helen Mirren and 'Harry Potter' is that she is British and so is he. Was no one, no one from the sprawling franchise available for filming? Not even from the dull 'Fantastic beasts' spin-off? Heck, we'd take Percy Weasley at this stage.

In all likelihood, J.K. Rowling could be the problematic link in all of this. Due to her controversial and hurtful remarks towards the trans community in the past, the majority of the cast - particularly the younger cast members - could be wanting to stay well away from any celebration of the universe. This is us just speculating of course, and maybe Warner Bros wanted to go in a different direction for their quiz special.

When asked earlier this year if there would be a 'Harry Potter' reunion, Daniel Radcliffe responded with: "I don't know if we will be getting together or anything. I'm sorry if that's a bit of a disappointment to anyone."

This 'Harry Potter' quiz series will see fans will compete in a trivia contest which will see them being named House Cup champions.

Speaking about her involvement on the show, Mirren said: "I knew someday I'd get a 'Harry Potter' role, and I'm so pleased to take part in the 20-year film celebration. The films inspired such enchantment and wonder for so many of us, and it will be such a treat to reignite that magic for the countless fans who continue to revel in this spellbinding world."

The four-episode series of 'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses' will air later this year on HBO Max, more than likely around November 16, which will be 20 years since 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' hit cinemas. Watch out to see if any TV channels over this side of the Atlantic pick up the series.