Most folks can say they've known their share of heartbreak, whether it be a bad breakup or simply a crush that wasn't interested. Of course there's the usual moping around and listening to Adele to be done, but if you're currently dealing with a broken heart and want a little more help moving on, then TV3 want to talk to you.

They are looking for applicants for their new show Heartbreak Hotel, hosted by Maia Dunphy, which aims to help a group of individuals struggling to move on from a break-up.

"We've all know heartbreak to a greater or lesser extent," Maia said. "I'm pleased to be involved with a show that has the potential to genuinely help people to live a happier life."

Set in an exclusive retreat location in Ireland, the participants will receive expert coaching from Sara Davison, one of the UK’s most prominent break-up and relationship specialists.

"My goals for the participants would be for them to leave the retreat feeling empowered, back in control of their emotions and finally in the driving seat of their life again." Sara said.

While TV3 said: "If you are recently divorced, separated or have never got over a special someone in your life, this might be the perfect opportunity to start to move on! We are looking to hear from people who sincerely need help and are willing to go on a journey with our team in the hope of achieving a new outlook and a fresh start."

If that sounds like you, email: [email protected], call 01 634 3745. or apply online here.