After the epic that was the Battle of the Bastards, it's easy to forget that we have a 69 minute season finale to enjoy on Monday. 

Ahead of the finale, HBO have released six photos to let us speculate and of course more importantly, GET HYPE!

As per the teaser that was released after last week's episode, it looks like our favourite breaker of chains is FINALLY going to make the trip across the sea to Westeros and may be getting a little nervous at the prospect. Luckily she has Tyrion as her motivator to remind her that she's in the great game now and that the great game is terrifying. Thanks a lot Tyrion. 


Looks like Bran is right where we left him North of the Wall. Hopefully we'll get to see him elsewhere, in particular a certain tower...


Looks like Ser Loras Tyrell is about to finally stand trial for his 'sins'. Will he be the only one who has to answer for their crimes? 


Now that he's survived the Battle of the Bastards, it seems Ser Davos will have a another battle to wage against Melisandre now that he's learned the truth about what happened to Shireen Baratheon. 


Following their success at Riverrun, Jaime and Bronn are back on the road again but where to?


To visit House Frey it would seem. Jamie looks set to dine with everyone's favourite wedding host in a scene that looks eerily similar to the Red Wedding. 

No sign of Arya, or more importantly The Hound but considering the finale's running time is set to be ten minutes longer than usual you'd have to hope the showrunners have made room for them. 

Here's the teaser trailer:

Only three more days people!

Via EW