Now officially titled 'Beyond The Wall', it follows Jon and his merry band of wight hunters as they search for some undead to bring down south to prove they're a legit threat and seeing as there doesn't seem to be much of a plan other than 'find one and bring it back', there's a lot that could and probably will go wrong.

We won't be spending all our time in the North though, as these new photos show we'll also spend some time with the two Stark women of Winterfell as well as Tyrion and Daenerys (and her dragons) on Dragonstone.

And seeing as the entire episode leaked online after HBO Spain accidentally made it available yesterday, it's the least HBO could do to tide us patient, trusty and true believers over until Monday.

'Game of Thrones' simulcasts at 2am this Monday and repeats again at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.