Let's put that figure into zeroes. 90,000,000 times.

NIne-zero-million times. The bulk of these views came from, unsurprisingly, the US with a total of 15,075,951 downloads. Next up was the United Kingdom with a total of 6,252,903 downloads, whilst Germany took third place with 4,897,280 downloads.

Ireland, according to piracy monitoring firm MUSO, didn't even rate in the Top 15 of countries pirating Game of Thrones, with Malaysia coming in 15th place with 1.737 million downloads.

What's perhaps even more shocking about the figures is that China appears to have been left out of MUSO's analysis, according to an investigation by TorrentFreak. China's web-traffic is protected by firewalls and can't be readily tracked in the same way, but it is known that Game of Thrones is popular there and it's likely that the number of pirates downloading it there is huge.

HBO so far have issued no statement on the figures, but have pirates in the US and other countries have reported that they've received e-mails on behalf of HBO from IP security firm Echelon.

In Ireland alone, it's believed that around 1,300,000 users are illegally downloading films and TV shows every day, however there has no been reports of any Irish users receiving warning e-mails from HBO or Echelon.


Via TorrentFreak