At last! Usually around this time of year a new season of Game of Thrones is only a matter of weeks away, with season premieres over the years being in March or April. However, we have known for a long time that the seventh season was going to take a while longer due to production delays and whatnot.

As of today though, we now know the official date for when season seven will arrive, and it is... *drumroll*... July 16th.

Yep, still over four months away but at least we have a day to be counting down to now.

The announcement was revealed by HBO using Facebook Live as they used blow torches on a television screen encased in ice that melted away to show the date. It was all very dramatic.

They also released a brand new teaser - and while it has no new footage - if this doesn't get you excited for season 7, nothing will.

Roll on July!