We were so busy sunning ourselves yesterday that we quite simply didn't have time to sit down and catch Kaya Scodelario, Jack O'Connell and Hannah Murray in the new Skins trailer, but now we're stuck in the office again it's the perfect time to see what's happening next, don'cha think?

Skins Fire, Skins Rise, and Skins Pure herald the return of some of the show's most beloved characters: Cassie and Effy from Generations 1 and 2, and of course, Effy's on-again, off-again Generation 2 errr, lover, Cook are back, and you check out the first sneak peek at the series below.

From the off it's incredibly clear that life has changed for our terrible trio. What are they up to? Will they meet again? All will be revealed on E4 this summer, as each character gets a two-hour film, aired in two sepearate one-hour segments: Basically, we're getting six new episodes.

We're quite sad that Nicholas Hoult's Tony and Dev Patel's Anwar won't be reappearing for one final huzzah, but we guess that's what happens when you become an international superstar. At least we can catch Dev in The Newsroom on Sky Atlantic this summer.

Skins returns to E4 for one final series from July 1st 2013.