The telly is about as important a part of Christmas as the tree at this stage, and the movies and specials a channel choose to air over the festive period is really of great importance to us all, don't deny it. Family are great and all that but we need something to be watching in our post Turkey stupor.

RTE have unveiled what they are bringing to the table over the festive period and it ain't too bad... for the most part.

First up, they have a few movie premiers including Skyfall, Argo, Django Unchained, The Help, War Horse, Happy Feet Two, The Dark Knight Rises and Anna Karenina, as well as of course some much loved favourites including It’s A Wonderful Life, The Sound of Music, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, High Society, North By North West , Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom.

There'll also be Christmas specials from the likes of Mrs. Brown’s Boys, Callan’s Kicks, The Savage Eye and Mario Rosenstock.

There will be a whole range of new documentaries to view like Mark Pollacks’s Unbreakable, When Ryan Met Niall, Man On Bridge, The Longford Phoenix, and What’s Another Year: The Life and Times of Shay Healy.

There will also be the annual Christmas Carols from Kilkenny and of course The RTÉ Sports Awards 2014.

Fair City will have two separate hour long specials over the festive season on Christmas day and Sunday 4th January which we don't know too much about as of yet only that Paul gets a surprise when an unexpected visitor rocks up and there's a gas leak at the Station bar... which can only spell bad news really.

Finally, for those of you staying in on December 31st, you can ring in the New Year with Kathryn Thomas and Paddy McKenna. Whooooo.... yeah.... go to the pub.