After what felt like an eternity, 'Saturday Night Takeaway' returned to screens last night with a howler of a sketch.

Most football fans known Jamie and Harry Redknapp from their respective careers, but were they both to try something else, comedy is the way forward. Sure, they had Ant & Dec feeding them lines in this particular sketch, but there's a natural dynamic between them that's too funny to ignore.

In fact, you could easily see the pair of them in a fly-on-the-wall comedy show not unlike 'The Trip' where they drive around to restaurants and rip the piss out of one another as they go. Not only that, who doesn't love seeing former football managers get up to comedy antics?

The whole thing writes itself when you think about it. As for this sketch, it's your typical 'Get Out Of My Ear!' sketch, but with Redknapp and Redknapp doing their best to keep a straight face and failing miserably in the process.

Take a look.