'Not Dead Yet' is the series inspired by the book by Alexandra Potter 'Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up'. The novel was a success that knit complex emotions and grief with humour.

Although both the book and the pilot focused a lot on the significance of female friendship á la Dolly Alderton's 'Everything I Know About Love', writers Casey Johnson and David Windsor are taking the series in a different direction going forward.

The writers have introduced a new character called Sam played by Simone according to Deadline, the editor of the Life and Style section of the newspaper she works at with Nell Stevens played by Gina Rodriguez, naturally veering the story more towards the workplace and subsequent dynamics.

Rodriguez’s Nell is the main character who is newly single and fears she may be too old to restart the life she had as a journalist prior to her all consuming relationship. But she's determined to get back into the swing of the lifestyle she once loved — so she takes a position as an obituaries writer.

Joshua Brady, Rick Glassman, and Angela Gibbs are also part of the comedy show as series regulars alongside Rodriguez and Simone. This could result in a pretty strong ensemble similar to that of 'New Girl' and we're eager to see how this one turns out.

Will you be adding this series to your must-watch list?