Hank Azaria's been on 'The Simpsons' pretty much since its inception, and when he sat down with GQ to break down his work on the long-running series, he also came up with the story behind each of his most famous creations - including Chief Wiggum and Comic-Book Store Guy.

As it turns out, Comic-Book Store Guy was based on a real-life friend of Azaria's from college who had a list of people he liked and disliked and sat all day on a Barcalounger (it's one of those big, reclining chairs). Moe, meanwhile, was based on Al Pacino "with more gravel" - and Azaria explained that there was an original voice actor hired for Moe, which he replaced.

Not only that, Azaria told the famous story about Al Pacino screaming in his face during 'Heat' and how he turned what was originally a much smaller role in 'The Birdcage' into one of his defining on-screen roles, not to mention revealing the fact that he auditioned - unsuccessfully, of course - for 'Friends'.

Take a look.