To be clear, and just to point out that we extensively checked this, Mrs. Doyle's first name is never mentioned in 'Father Ted'.

We ran through all 25 episodes (seriously) and there is not one moment in the series when her name is mentioned. There's a brief moment in the third season episode, 'The Mainland', when an alarm goes off in a police station that masks a Garda mentioning her name, but that's it.

Again, we checked.

Anyway, Pauline McLynn was on 'The Ray D'Arcy Show' last night and the topic of Mrs. Doyle's first name came up, which was met by some derision by Pauline McLynn. When given Mrs. Doyle's first name, she pulled a very Mrs. Doyle-esque squint and said, "Is it, though?"

Take a look.

So, in case you didn't bother to watch the video, Mrs. Doyle's first name was confirmed some time ago on Today FM by co-creator Arthur Matthews as... Joan.

That's right, Mrs. Joan Doyle. Here's Matthews revealing said name in September 2018 with Mario Rosenstock.

Mrs. Joan Doyle. It doesn't sound right at all, to be honest. No, not accepting this one.