Another fan-favourite was sadly taken out this week - this time by a horde of hugging zombies.

The first-ever Halloween week on 'The Great British Bake Off' (arriving two weeks before the big day, FYI) was a chaotic affair, but hey, at least Noel Fielding was in his absolute element in his skeleton onesie that he definitely goes to sleep in every night.

Yep, this week's edition of the show was about all things apple-y, marshmallow-y, and uh, piñata-y? It was a bit of a stretch, but we're still happy that we had a festive edition of the show for all of us who celebrate this time of the year - we just thought there might be some pumpkins or fruit cake thrown into the agenda too. But that's what we get for filming the show during the off-season of the summer.

Anyway, there was a clear-cut winner throughout the whole show, and there was no surprise when Syabira was crowned this week's Star Baker. She was back on form with her interesting mix of ingredients and even got a handshake during the signature bake from Mr. Paul Hollywood ("Paultergeist"). Everyone else, sadly, was fairly undercooked in this episode.

Alas, this also meant that one of the bakers had to hit the road. This week, it was the lovely Dawn, who is following in the footsteps of last week's casualty Compost Carol. Dawn isn't a hugger, in case you weren't aware, and so when it was time to say goodbye to the contestant, Noel decided that everyone should give her a group hug. Now that's an anxious nawwwww.

Here's how viewers were reacting to last night's Halloween edition of 'Bake Off', which had us howling for this to be a regular edition on the show for future seasons.

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