Another week of drama and heartache in the soaps, check out our preview below. And yes, of course, there are some spoilers below.


It’s a grim day for James and Emma on tonight’s Emmerdale as they set off to identify the body the police found, in the hopes its not Ross, although James tells Finn to expect the worst. Finn then is freaking out altogether as he expects the police to come calling for him at any minute. Will his crippling guilt cause him to confess to Debbie? Meanwhile, Zak sees Sam and Rachel rowing when the car breaks down and starts to get his suspicions about what might be going on behind closed doors. Later, Rachel puts Sam under pressure to tell Zak and Lisa that they won’t be welcome at Ruby’s funeral. When Zak hears this, he is more worried than ever about what’s going on. C’mon Zak, put it together already!

Coronation Street

Carla’s financial troubles continue tonight but it looks like Shayne Ward may actually be of use, or at least he thinks he might. Meanwhile, little Max heads off to the police station with Kylie to make his statement about his dad, leaving everyone believing that they have finally caught Callum out once and for all. However, he still has one more trick up his sleeve yet as he finds a way of blackmailing Bethany to give him an alibi. Will she go through with it?

Later on in the week then we learn that full extent of Jason’s injuries as he is woken from his coma, and Tony decides to take matters into his own hands.


Tensions remain high between Sharon and Phil today and it gets worse for Phil when Ronnie rocks up and reveals that she also knows that Kathy is alive. Doesn’t miss a trick that lady! Elsewhere, Martin and Stacey continue to be the world’s worst couple for a variety of reasons, so Sonia decides to intervene to give her two cents on the matter. Meanwhile, Shabnam gets increasingly frustrated with Carmel taking over wedding preparations, but sadly Shabs will have much bigger problems later on in the week. We won’t say too much, but have the tissues at the ready as it’s an emotional week on the Square.

Fair City

Emotions are also running high in Carrigstown this week in what is pretty much the exact same storyline as is EastEnders strangely enough. It’s Caoimhe and Damien who are sadly faced with heartbreak in Fair City though as the pair must come to terms with a huge loss.

Also this week, that gangster Flynn is causing more trouble for Carol and Robbie as it emerges that the limousine company that Carol has signed herself up to is actually transporting female escorts. Come on though, it was clear there was going to be a catch somewhere. When oh when will Carol learn that criminals cannot be trusted.