Justin Chambers'Alex Karev has officially been written out of Grey's Anatomy following the most recent episode of the show.

It was announced back in January that Justin Chambers had decided to leave Grey's Anatomy to move onto new projects. He'd played Dr. Alex Karev through all 16 seasons of the long running medical drama.

How exactly his character's exit would be handled was a mystery up until the most recent episode titled: 'Leave a Light On'

Spoilers ahead for those who are still watching the series. But for those who've given up watching over the years and are wondering how exactly Alex Karev leaves the show, you can read all about it below.

Alex Karev had been off screen on the series since November. However there had been references to his character during the most recent episodes to explain his absence, including his wide Jo mentioning that he hadn't been returning her calls.

Chambers himself only appears in the episode through voiceover. The mystery of where he was is revealed through three heartfelt letters that he writes to Jo, Miranda Bailey, and Meredith. In the letter to Meredith it's revealed that he had reunited with his ex-wife Izzie Stevens (who was played by Katherine Heigl on the show).

We learn that in the years since Izzie had left the show, she'd given birth to twins. Remember that embryos storyline from years ago? Yes, Alex is their father.

So Alex decided to stay with Izzie on her farm (how idyllic) and give his children the thing he never had, a good father. Included in his letter to Jo were signed divorce papers in which he gave her everything, including his shares in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

So there you have it. Alex left his awesome wife with a cowardly letter to go be with his ex-wife, who previously left him with a cowardly letter. It's come full circle.