Well that's what ten seasons as the same character does to you. Actress Ellen Pompeo, or Meredith Grey as the world knows her, has suggested she won't continue acting after she's finished with Grey's Anatomy. Although at the rate that show's going that may not be for years yet anyways.

She said at a Buzzfeed Panel that she doesn't really have a "strong desire" to continue acting; "I definitely feel myself transitioning," she said. "I don't find acting terribly empowering. For the place I am in my life . . . I don't necessarily want to work for other people."

She did go on to say though that she wasn't officially retiring; "I mean, never say never, I'm not going to come out and make one of those statements like, 'I'm retiring', and then in February come back."

The actress has been doing some work behind the scenes however as a producer and has recently commissioned a new series called 'Debt'. So it's looking like that will be the direction she will go in.

She explained herself further by saying; "Grey's is in 97 countries or something and we've had this blessing of all these wonderful fans who still love us 10 years later. I feel like I did it and I don't have anything left to prove, and I'd like to try to challenge myself."

"I'd like to see if I can be something different and be successful at something different. I feel like I'm very successful at acting."

"For my journey, I feel like, 'OK, I did the absolute top of what I could do in television, and I'd like to try a new sport and see if I'm any good at something else."

Fair enough, we suppose. She was also the girl from 'Old School' so we're pretty sure that mean's she's at the top of the movie world too.

Again though, all of this is in some distance future, so for now, Meredith Grey, and her annoying thought provoking monologues over Coldplay songs, is going nowhere.