Seeing as how the US is more or less utterly f*cked by the pandemic, it makes sense that the leading medical TV show from that country is going to take its next season and make it about that fact.

By all accounts, it looks like the pandemic has come to Grey Sloan Memorial in its 17th season, with details now emerging about where and how next season will kick off.

Previously, showrunner Krista Vernoff confirmed that the coming season would take into the account the new normal in the US, but now one of the show's stars - Giacomo Gianniotti, who plays Dr. Andrew DeLuca - has given a few more details on what to expect.

"We're going to start the season about a month and a half into full COVID, so it's going to take place a little bit beyond where we left off with the last season," he explained to ET in a recent interview. "We might have some flashbacks. We might have some things where we're referencing last season, just to give us some context leading up. But we are going to have a little leap when we start this season in terms of time. We're not picking up right where we left off."

Last season ended abruptly with a makeshift finale due to production shutting down, due to the pandemic, so it'd make sense to move things forward and reference back whenever necessary - as there's all that missed time between when things were left off and the new season.

As well as this, Gianniotti also revealed that the show is hopefully due to begin filming next month, adding that the cast is "uniquely lucky that we get to wear PPE because we play doctors," and revealed that the cast and crew on set are being separated into zones to help mitigate potential spread.

No official restart date has been announced however, and given how things are in the US, it may be some time before you see any new episodes.