Astronomers believe that the sun of our solar system will eventually go supernova some five billion years from now - roughly around the same time that 'Grey's Anatomy' will come off the air.

The long-running medical drama is confirmed to continue on for at least two more seasons, bringing it to a whopping 17 seasons. Ellen Pompeo, meanwhile, is set to return for these two seasons and likely isn't going anywhere any time soon.

With its seventeenth season of television, 'Grey's Anatomy' will surpass 'ER' as the longest-running medical drama on television. 'ER' famously ran for 15 seasons - maybe five of them good ones - before it eventually ended in 2009.

As for 'Grey's Anatomy', expect all of human life to go extinct and the very concept of medicine to be a thing of the past before it ends once and for all.