'Grey's Anatomy' is the longest-running medical drama on TV so, naturally, there's plenty to quote from.

Whether it's worldly advice from Miranda Bailey or Richard Webber, or bad ass sayings from Christina Yang, or melancholic reflections from Meredith Grey, there's a huge variety of epic lines to recount from 'Grey's Anatomy.'

The series returns for a eighteenth season very soon with original cast members Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. all returning.

The new season will include the return of Kate Walsh as Addison Forbes Montgomery and Kate Burton as Ellie Grey.

There'll be some new faces too, among them Peter Gallagher in the role of Dr. Alan Hamilton.

'Grey's Anatomy' has featured quite a bit in the media of late.

The reasons for Patrick Dempsey's sudden exit from the series was recently delved into, while Katherine Heigl also spoke up about leaving the show.

Between old episodes and new, it's attracted a lot of fans over the years.

But the question remains, how well do you know your 'Grey's Anatomy' quotes?

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