There are many unknowns in life. How Grey’s Anatomy is still on the air is one of them.

The show has been going for almost 12 years, and in that time that managed to lose as many doctors as patients. The only show with a higher mortality rate amongst its main characters is Game of Thrones. And when the staff of Grey Sloan Memorial (formerly Seattle Grace) aren’t saving people or getting killed themselves, they’re getting divorced and leaving town. It’s how the show works.

But this formula appears to be working, as more than 8 million people in the US tuned into the season 12 finale last Thursday, and watched as another long standing cast member left the show.

Sara Ramirez, who plays Dr. Callie Torres, is leaving after 10 years on the show. She sent out a tweet back in April, which seemed to indicate that she was going, and that was confirmed on Thursday night when her character left Seattle for New York.


During her time on the show, Dr. Torres was married and divorced twice, lost her ex-husband and her best friend / father of her child, was involved in a near fatal car accident and gave the order for her wife’s leg to be amputated. She also performed surgery occasionally.

After the episode aired she sent out a second tweet, wishing the cast and crew of the show continued success, and stating she was taking some time off. Before appearing on Grey's Anatomy, Ramirez starred in Spamalot on Broadway.


Irish viewers will have a chance to see the episode when it airs in Ireland later this year.

Via TVLine