'Grey's Anatomy' is coming into its 17th season, with rumours flying that this will be its final season on air.

The way things are going with the show, however, that's looking more and more certain. Many of the show's old cast are making a return to the show, and EW has confirmed yet another cast member is returning - Dr. April Kepner, played by Sarah Drew.

Kepner last appeared in the show in the final episodes of Season 14, but it's not yet clear under what circumstances the character is returning to the show. Season 17 has already seen the likes of Patrick Dempsey and TR Knight - who played Drs. Derek Shepherd and George O'Malley respectively - make a return, even though both their characters were dead.

The new season has seen some pretty dramatic turns and twists, with more than a few people speculating if the series is running out of ideas with its seventh season.

More than that, this amount of old cast members - even for a show running as long as 'Grey's Anatomy' - aren't usually brought back in unless it's coming towards the end of its run.

Expect to see Sandra Oh make an announcement any day. The new season will begin airing on Sky Witness on April 7th, so all will be eventually revealed by then.