Greg's a local legend and as of last night, he's an international one too now.

Someone posted Greg’s Ireland 7s teammates' reaction to their fellow player winning 'Love Island' last night with Amber.

Greg and Amber beat out longtime favourites Tommy and Molly-Mae to take the prize of £50k.

Everyone was delighted with the results with Amber's fellow Islander and good friend Yewande having one of the best reactions.

Still, the cheers from these rugby lads are something to behold.

Greg wasn't the only Irish contestant to make it to the 'Love Island' final as Maura came in fourth place with Curtis.

According to reports, all the finalists are being kept on 24-hour aftercare lockdown for 'fame aid' sessions. This includes Ovie and India, who came in third place.

The ITV execs hope this will prepare them for life back in the outside world as they readjust after leaving the villa. They will have one-on-one sessions and a financial advisor on hand. They will receive 14 months of "proactive contact" to ensure they have support around the clock.