Greg Davies' new BBC comedy series incredible cast line-up just got even better.

Joining Davies in his new comedic adventure, 'The Cleaner', will be Helena Bonham Carter and David Mitchell. Written by Davies, who will also star in the series, the premise is based on a German comedy 'Der Tatortreiniger' ("Crime Scene Cleaner"), which has had a long-running success in the country, with seven seasons.

'The Cleaner' will see Davies play Paul "Wicky" Wickstead, who the BBC describe as: "A state-certified cleaning technician with a very special field of work. He is a crime-scene cleaner responsible for the removal of any signs of death."

Being quite the socialite, Wicky loves to chat and always seems to gossip more than he cleans. Dealing with gruesome messes on the daily, he ends up meeting the victim’s relatives, employers, neighbours and occasionally even the murderers themselves.

Alongside new cast members Helena Bonham Carter and David Mitchell, there are a number of other notable actors in the lineup; Donald Sumpter (Maester Luwin from 'Game Of Thrones'), Georgie Glen (Miss Higgins from 'Call The Midwife'), Ruth Madeley (Ingrid from 'Years And Years'), Shobu Kapoor ('Bend it Like Beckham'), Layton Williams (Stephen in 'Bad Education'), and Zita Sattar ('Casualty').

Greg Davies said of his cast: "I’m thrilled that this remarkable collection of actors has agreed to appear next to me on screen. Scrubbing up blood in a hazmat suit in front of them will be a pleasure."

'The Cleaner' will be made of six 30-minute episodes and will air on the BBC later this year.

It was announced just yesterday that the BBC/Hulu collaboration 'Conversations with Friends' will arrive in 2022. Based on the first book written by Sally Rooney, the series will also air on RTÉ One next year too.