Alas, someone had to go at the end of last night's semi-final, but it's always a bit more devastating when it's a baker who has been consistently impressive.

We've got a final three! 'The Great British Bake Off' semi-final saw the four remaining contestants bake it til they made it to next week's final - but sadly that meant one of the top bakers of the competition had to depart.

Surprisingly, pâtisserie week didn't prove to be as stressful as last week's pastry catastrophe, except maybe for that rather ridiculous vertical tart that was causing unnecessary confusion for both viewers and bakers.

Another surprise of the episode saw Abdul, who has flown under the radar for pretty much the entire season, win Star Baker for the first time in the series even though his Krokan Showstopper didn't impress Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith all that much. Come on, folks, just give it to Syabira for the fourth time in a row - we don't mind.

Sadly, Janusz' Brighton Pride bake wasn't enough to keep him in the competition and he fell at the final hurdle. After his elimination, the two-time Star Baker wrote a very sweet post on Twitter about being a "chubby, gay and the first Polish national contestant" on the baking show.

Here's how viewers reacted to 'The Great British Bake Off' semi-final, which proved to be a very emotional one in the end. It's strange how another fan-favourite from last year, Jürgen, also bowed out of the competition just before last year's finale too.

Is it too early for us to wish these two could come back as joint presenters on next year's show? Their banter has been one of the highlights of this series for sure.

Never forget.

And so, who will be crowned this year's winner? Unless there's a massive upset in the final, we reckon Syabira has it in the bag.

'The Great British Bake Off' finale airs on Channel 4 next Tuesday, November 15.