Not even the Queen could stop 'Bake Off' from happening.

This year's fresh batch of 12 bakers have entered the dreaded tent where anything can happen - but 'The Great British Bake Off' first episode went off without that many hitches for these amateur cakers.

To start off the show, the four presenters and judges indulged us in a little 'Return of the Breadi' skit, with everyone's favourite boozy aunt Prue Leith giving a damn good impression of Chewbacca (or Prue-bacca).

The season premiere naturally revolved all around cake, and the first challenge set for the new contestants was to make 12 mini sandwich cakes. This was followed by a red velvet technical set by Paul, and lastly, there was the showstopper which was to be inspired by the contestant's childhood home.

Here's some of the reaction from Twitter.

Let's just say there was A LOT of thirsting after one contestant in particular...

Lol, so true. Give us one hour and 30 mins 'Bake Off' any day of the week. Well, Tuesday nights only, thanks.

The very first star baker (or "star caker") of the series was Janusz, who is definitely one that could make it all of the way to the final with his impressive flavours and intricate details when it comes to his designs.

Unfortunately, one person had to bite the biscuit after their three bakes, and the first casualty of the 'Bake Off' first episode was Will, who failed to make a lasting impression on the judges (and really needs to work on his buttercream skills).

'The Great British Bake Off' continues next Tuesday night on Channel 4 at 8 pm with biscuit week. Catch up via All4.