Friday nights just aren't the same without Graham Norton so we are not too happy to hear that the host is hoping to do fewer shows a year.

Speaking at the Listowel Writers' Week Festival, Graham told The Huffington Post; "If someone had told me 20 years ago, ‘You’ll be doing this job in 20 years’, I’d have thought they were crazy. But I do. Every week is a slightly different challenge, it’s enjoyable in a different way, and if it’s not, you’re doing another show next week, which will be totally different.

"But what I’d like to do is fewer shows, we do between 30 and 40 shows a year and I’d like to do fewer, but I don’t know quite how to do that."

So, eh, maybe don't?

The host also spoke about who was now on his guest wish-list: "I used to say Madonna and then we got her, and then we had George Clooney. Now, it'd be nice to have some of the young royals on. They're coming out and attaching their names to events and charities, so they might.

"They have to be very careful, they're under such scrutiny, but hopefully, they'll come on. Hopefully, we'll get them one day."