Taking a few short weeks off, the 'Graham Norton Show' returns once again tomorrow night, from a slightly different setting than we're used to.

The 27th season of the 'Graham Norton Show' will play out tonight on BBC One, where the Bafta award-winning host has promised a half-hour of "chat, guests, music, and jokes", as he connects to the world around him from the comfort of his own home.

Just who exactly will feature in the series premiere still remains a mystery, but we do know that the notorious red chair will be making a delightful comeback. Due to the current restrictions in place, Graham will be connecting us with people from around the world who are desperate to tell us their hilariously awkward stories from their armchairs. Hey, maybe someone has even managed to build their own flippable red chair just for the show? We'll have to tune in tomorrow night and find out.

Here's the teaser for tomorrow's episode.

Make sure to tune into the 'Graham Norton Show' tomorrow night at 9pm on BBC One.