At this point. it's a much shorter list to try think of who hasn't been on 'The Graham Norton Show' than who has, so no doubt there has been quite a few demands made to the host and his staff over the years.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Graham revealed what the most extreme request he had from a guest on the show: "We had someone once who required nine dressing rooms. But we managed it, and then in the afternoon someone from their team came running into the production office saying, 'It's a 911 situation. We need another dressing room.'

"We managed it but said, 'Just out of interest, what's it for?' Completely straight-faced, 'They want to charge their phone.'

"That took our breath away. How somebody's life gets to that point, where they cannot be in the same room as their phone, is beyond me. We live like animals, sharing rooms with charging phones."

Graham wouldn't reveal who the guest was however, any guesses?

The Cork man is currently on the promotional press tour for his second novel, 'A Keeper', which was released on October 4th.

'The Graham Norton Show' continues this Friday at 10.35pm on BBC One.