One of Ireland's most famous exports and all-round happiness spreader, Graham Norton, took part in a rare interview on the other side of the Atlantic with Seth Myers recently.

If you can believe it, 'The Graham Norton Show' has been running for over 13 years if you're counting, and at this stage in its life we couldn't imagine a world without it. The chat show is been a firm favourite with viewers and celebrity guests alike, and the host spoke openly about its success in an interview with Seth Myers. And for those about to tie the knot this year, Graham Norton offers advice that you might want to listen to too.

In the wide-ranging Graham Norton interview below, the Corkonian discussed his newest book, how his 88-year-old mother is currently dealing with self-isolating, and also about the time that he lived in a hippie commune in San Fransico many years ago at the age of 21 ("an international 14").

Touching on the subject of weddings being cancelled and postponed until 2021, Graham offered this silver lining to couples: "Don't postpone them - just say they happened [...] Be honest, nobody wants to go to your wedding. [...] Give us that, engaged couples! [...] I just want my day back."

Here's both parts of the Graham Norton interview for your amusement.