"'Are you filming in HD?' I don't know!"

Ah, Graham Norton. It isn't very often that the Irish presenter has the opportunity to be on the other side of interviews, but when he does - they are always a joy to watch.

His latest appearance is on 'The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon', he speaks about the desperate times he spent in Lockdown, as well as how much he hates it when a celebrity says that they're enjoying the 2020 downtime, and how "awful" the 100 people socially-distanced audience is on his chat show.

He also tries to explain the intricacies of the Red Chair to Fallon, which will no doubt bemuse the predominantly US audience watching at home.

However, despite Graham giving out about Lockdown during 2020, he's had quite a busy year. As well as hosting 'The Graham Norton Show' both from home and back in studio, he's also brought out a new book. 'Home Stretch' is his third fictional novel.

He's also one of the main characters in Disney+'s new Pixar movie 'Soul'. In the family movie, he plays an amusing free spirited-man named Moonwind.

The Irish presenter has also changed up his radio career in London, and is leaving his BBC Radio 2 gig for a new Virgin Radio slot.

And now, here's that Graham Norton interview for you, where the presenter drops various on-point sound bites about his celebrity interviews, such as: "Who's 'they'? Is that your mother's preferred pronoun?"