Fellow TV presenters Graham Norton and Seth Meyers had a gas and open chat about the struggles and unexpected humour that's arisen from hosting talk shows coming in and out of lockdown

Graham Norton appeared on Seth Meyers' 'Late Night' show to chat about his new novel 'Home Stretch' this week.

Meyers kicked off the interview by asking Norton about going in and out of lockdown and how that impacted his show.

"Yeah, when we came back we had a sort of socially distanced audience, which is kind of worse than no audience" he answered. "Because we went from 600 to 60, so the applause sounded like somebody emptying a bucket of fish.

"As a performer, in your relationship with the audience, I don't think you should ever feel sorry for the audience. And that's how you felt, with their masks just dotted across the [auditorium]."

Graham Norton continued: "So they got banned. Then it was just us and the crew, and I thought it would be terrible, but actually you feel a bit giddy when it's just you and the crew in the room. If you get a laugh out of a cameraman it equals getting about 450 regular people laughing."

Seth Meyers chimed in - " I agree with you 100% - except for our cameraman, Buck, who laughs at everything" - to which Buck gave a hearty laugh.

"Good hire!" Norton replied.

'The Graham Norton Show' host also spoke about maintaining a "party atmosphere" with the guests who come on, noting that it's "better than nothing" when the interviews have been over zoom.

He also addressed how that rumour about Prince William and Kate Middleton coming on the show got started ("Yeah, the rumour came from me...").

Watch the full hilarious interview between Graham Norton and Seth Meyers here.