As most if not all chat shows and late night talk shows in the US are going dark or making alternative arrangements, some of the YouTube channels for said shows are pumping out classic clips from old shows to keep people going.

Sure enough, 'Graham Norton' has a rake of Red Chair clips which - for some reason - never seem to make their way online. Judging by this clip and using Norton's facial hair as a point of reference, this is a good few years old - but still totally worth your time.

For one, you have to marvel at Zach Braff and his complete inability to follow a Derry girl accent. On top of that, the only people listening in who can follow that accent with any kind of certainty is Norton (obviously) and Kenneth Brannagh, who's originally a Belfast man.

After that, though, all the cracking humour in this clip comes straight from Aileen and it's just... yeah, yeah it's just perfect. Exactly the kind of stuff you're going to miss if and when 'Graham Norton' goes off the air for a few weeks.

Enjoy and savour this now while you can.