Remember last month we told you that the townsfolk of Bandon in Co Cork were planning to give Graham Norton a very special birthday present? Yes, they were hoping to erect a statue of the TV show host in order to, y'know, celebrate his Irishness and all, and convince him to come home in time to unveil it. Well, looks as if that won't be happening.

Our Graham is hosting the TV BAFTAs this weekend and while talking to What's On TV about the big night, he revealed that he isn't exactly thrilled at the prospect of being immortalised in whatever substance said statue would be made of. Oh dear.

"They haven't made one yet thank god" he said. "Thank you for reminding me - I must write to them and beg them not to. It's such a waste of money and it would look hideous!". That'll put a spanner in the works for Cork Rebel Week so. As we said above, the plan was to get Graham to come home to Bandon and unveil the statue as part of the county's big Gathering event between October 14th and 20th.

Sorry Enda, looks like it'll take more than a statue to bring this one back...