Game of Thrones fans seem to be pretty unanimous in their opinion that The Winds of Winter is the best season finale in the show's history (if not the best episode). 

The episode delivered so much and has us so excited that we're honestly more excited about season 7 than we were about learning of Jon Snow's fate this time last year. There were some terrific moments in the episode but one of the standout sequences was when Daenerys and her allies travelled across the Narrow Sea on what seemed like an endless fleet of ships. 

However the wonderful sequence almost didn't come off according to the episode's director Miguel Sapochnik. 

"It was also raining and freezing when we shot it, and it was meant to be a Mediterranean climate. Emilia [Clarke] got so cold, her jaw started shaking uncontrollably and she totally lost her thread as far as what she was meant to be thinking in that moment."

That is a bit of an issue for Sapochnik and Clarke to overcome. Luckily, the director had an ingenious plan up his sleeve. 

"She asked me to help, so I suggested that she just hum the theme to Game of Thrones in her head while we were rolling the cameras, and apparently that worked because it’s the take we used in the final cut!"

Ramin Djawadi's music elevating the show to greater heights once again! 

Via Vulture