Ah, the annual call for Vikings' extras.

If you've ever been around Temple Bar on a summer's day and you see a huge swathe - more huge than usual - of bearded men with long hair, forming an orderly queue, it's because of Vikings.

The long-running TV series, set in ancient Scandinavia that looks suspiciously like Wexford, follows the epic tale of Ragnar Lothbrok and his quest to become the best Viking he can be. He does that by regularly raiding villages and tearing men's back opens in a vicious ritual known as the Blood Eagle.

It's basically Glenroe, in other words.

The series regularly holds casting auditions and the like for extras and this year is no different. As always, the castings are open to any and all people over the age of 16 who look like a Viking. Or, to be more specific as the official announcement reads, "we are after Fishermen, Carpenters, Craftspeople, Farmworkers, Axe Men/Women, Skilled swords people, M&F Archers, Bowmen & Women, M&F Rowers, M&F Sailors, Ship hands & Deckhands, Calligraphers, Latin Speakers, Arab Speakers, Musicians, Midwives, Nurses, Animal Handlers, Hunters, Blacksmiths, Lumber Jacks, Tree Surgeons, Whittlers, Males with long hair and Beards, All Sporty types, Martial Artists, Boxers, No visible tattoos, Women with naturally coloured hair, all men prepared to grow hair and beards, Men and women with punk style haircuts."

So if any of you are skilled swordspeople who can row, speak Latin and Arabic, handle animals and have long hair and beards, you're in luck. In other news, you're clearly in the wrong century and you're probably not even reading this.

Full details can be found over here and in the meantime, ALL HAIL VALHALLA.


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