Gordon Ramsey has revealed that he regrets being naked on camera, (as do the rest of us) ... while also revealing some of the more disgusting moments of his new show.

The chef and TV personality is doing a series of US television called Hotel Hell, and told The Sun of some of the filming,"I do regret one thing - getting my ass out in the shower. Because of the sort of secret footage, I had to take a shower like you do in the morning. I know. I'm sorry." TM f**kin I, Gordo.

Speaking about one particular filming experience that was even more disturbing than the possibility of his back, sack and crack on a 50' plasma, he explained, "The most horrifying thing across the board was the fricking honeymoon suite. It was like a bloody house of horror, I swear to God." Whatever do you mean, Gordo? "I just didn't think it could shoot that far - I'm talking about if you shake a can of Coke and open it... I mean shocking. Really shocking." Sorry, we'll let the image of that one settle in for a minute before continuing... "Then I got the owner and every guest in that hotel to come in my room and put a pair of glasses on." We're assuming he means ultraviolet light goggles, which allows you to see such stains... and scars vampires if shined on them - hey, you don't know it's not true.

No word on if the show will be broadcast this side of the pond; but that one where he curses at people in prison and then shits himself is still on I think.