Gordon Ramsay must lead a tough life, when you think about it.

Sure, he's a well-known chef who probably earns more money in a week than some of us would see in a decade. Yet, he is consistently sent pictures of absolutely dogsh*t-looking food at least once an hour and is then expected to critique it.

Is that a life worth living, do you think? Maybe, maybe not.

At any rate, Ramsay was on last night's episode of 'Graham Norton' and - wouldn't you know it - found himself forced into analysing some of the virtual audiences' food, and then coming up with withering appraisals on the spot.

To be fair to Gordon Ramsay, he does a good job of looking suitably embarrassed by the prospect of having to insult people's efforts to their very faces at the beginning. It's not before long, however, that he's just ripping into some of the creations. The first one out of the gate, for example, is "Haggis Nachos", which look to us like something left behind by a very ill animal.

See for yourself.