He may be more familiar to audiences as one of the creative brains behind House of Cards and directing several of your favourite films, but David Fincher wasn't always the big ticket director we know him as.

Throughout the 1980's, David Fincher cut his teeth directing music videos - some of which you're more than likely very familiar with.

For example, Jermaine Stewart's one-hit wonder, 'We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off', had a music video directed by none other than Fincher.

That's right - the guy who did Gone Girl also did the music video to an 80's pop classic.

So, with Fincher now migrating more and more towards TV, it's only right that he should plunder his own history for our amusement.

The director is beginning work on a new TV series for HBO entitled Living On Video and will be based on Fincher's experiences working in the music video world in the 1980's.

There seems to be a raft of these period-set dramas about the music industry coming to the fore. Martin Scorsese has been working on a 1970's-set one about a record label whilst Baz Luhrmann is doing something similar over on Netflix.

Fincher has already begun casting, with Guy Ritchie collaborator Jason Flemyng and Rome alum Kerry Condon in talks to star.

The series is being described as a similar vein to Entourage, so we'll see if it all pans out. It's an area that's ripe for parody and comedy, so we'll see if Fincher can swing doing a comedy.


Via Deadline.com