A show about watching people watch TV is not something anyone would have predicted would have been as successful as it is, but as those who watch Gogglebox know, it makes for some great TV. So much so that the show has even won a BAFTA and its format has had been sold to multiple countries around the world, including of course, Ireland.

Last summer, they launched spin-off show Gogglesprogs, which saw kids giving their opinion on the best television of the week and was as cute as all hell.

Now it's the turn of the teenagers as a new spin-off is on the way called Vlogglebox... yes, there will be vlogging.

The new six-part series will show the reactions of 16 to 24-year-olds as they watch online content on their phones, laptops and tablets. It won't follow the traditional formal of showing families in their sitting rooms but will mostly be recorded on iPhones attached to the teens' devices as they stream videos.

Channel 4's deputy chief creative officer Ralph Lee hopes the show will let audiences "hear what the youth of today really think about the world around them".

The show will air on Channel 4's sister channel of E4 and is set to kick off on the 18th of June.