Well this is probably the least shocking TV news story ever, given that Sarah Harding may have been the worst actress to ever grace the cobbles. Seriously, she was bad. You probably acted better in your fifth class play when you were 'Tree no. 1'.

The Girls Aloud star is a huge fan of the soap and managed to score herself a role as Joni Preston, the wife of Tracy Barlow's ex-husband. The part was always supposed to initially be for four episodes but as with all these things, no doubt Corrie bosses were seeing how fans would take to her, and well, eh, they did not.

A source told The Sun: “It's safe to say Sarah's Corrie career hasn't gone as planned. Fans and critics have been pretty unimpressed with her acting.

“It doesn't reflect well on Corrie, who have been accused of chasing ratings with gimmicks. They will not be getting her back and the general consensus on set is that this was a failed experiment.”

Aw well, sure at least she can sing!