And she may just get it, too.

In a recent interview, the subject of another season of The X-Files was raised with Gillian Anderson, who played Special Agent Dana Scully in the hit TV series.

Anderson, who stuck with the series right through until the end, said that she's more than up for reprising her role and bringing the series back.

The actress, who's just wrapped on the second season of The Fall, said that she'd be "fucking overjoyed" if it happened, urging fans of the show to tweet @foxTV.

There's even a hashtag - #XFiles2015 - that's trended for the past few days.

Meanwhile, David Duchovny hasn't weighed in on the subject yet, nor has the series creator Chris Carter.

Carter's latest show for Amazon, The After, was cancelled after just one season - so his dancecard should be free.

With the likes of Twin Peaks returning after a 25-year absence, it's not out of the realms of possibility to see this actually happening.

We want to believe. (Sorry)